Job Tip – Hieu Tran

Hi instructor Lopez,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying teaching electronic classes.

A little bit about myself, I graduated in 2018 from ET department. I was hired full-time by Raytheon to work on F/A-18 RADAR program during my last semester at CSULB (thanks to ET program). After one year, I left Raytheon and joined Precision Aero Technology here Long Beach for a better offer and closer to home, where I also work on RADAR. I recently got promoted to Chief Inspector and on my way to Quality Assurance Manager very soon.

The reason I’m writing to you is we have a couples of job opportunities for technicians for both full-time and part-time. If your students who are interested in avionics and or looking to gain experiences in electronics, I think these opportunities are a good start. We are a FAA certified repair station, we work on RADAR, communication systems, power supply systems, lighting systems, very much everything inside a cockpit, for both Boeing and Airbus. We are getting a hard time to keep up with such high demands from airlines and the industry. Therefore, if any of your students who are interested, please have them send me their resume directly at

Hieu Tran