solid_state_2_bannerThe Solid State 2 class builds on topics first covered in the ET 260 (Solid State 1) lecture and lab. In this course you will study diodes, Zener diodes, transistors, field effect transistors, op-amps and applications of these devices. ET 341 is a hands-on electronics course and you can expect to constantly use meters, signal generators, power supplies and oscilloscopes. Electronic software such as CircuitMaker and MultiSim will also be introduced.

*It is encouraged that all students, especially those  pursuing the Electrical Engineering Technology option get as much out of this class as possible in order to succeed in later courses and facilitate your pursuit of employment opportunities related to electronics and electrical engineering.

ET-341 Quiz 1 here:

ET-341L Quiz 1 here:

ET-341 Quiz 2 here:

ET-341L Quiz 2 here:

ET-341 Notes on Ch. 19

ET-341 Notes on Ch. 18

ET-341 Notes on Ch. 17



Download Course Explanation here:

Download Course Syllabus here:

Download Lab 1 (field effect transistors part 1) here:

Download Lab 1 (field effect transistors part 2) here:

Download Lab 2 (field effect transistor applications) here:

Download Lab 3 (power field effect transistors) here:

Download Lab 4 (frequency effects) here:

Download Lab 5 (op-amp open loop comparator) here:

Download Lab 6 (op-amp closed loop configurations) here:

Download Lab 6 Part 2 (op-amp parameters) here:

Download Lab 7 (Rev.1) (differential amplifier, op-amp null) here:

Download Lab 8 (summing amplifier) here:

Download Lab 9 (Rev.1) (active filter) here:

Download Lab 10 (Rev.1)  (positive feedback) here:

Download Lab 11 (Rev. 1) (sine wave oscillators) here:

Download Lab 12 (Rev. 1) (555 Timer) here:

Example of Experiment 29 (courtesy of Maryangeline) here:

Example of Experiment 31 (courtesy of Sarom) here:

Example of Experiment 34 (courtesy of Yek and Raam) here:

Download ET-260 Lab 12 (Class C amplifier) here: