ET 460/460L (Electronics Engineering Technology option) and ET494/494L (Computer Engineering Technology option) is a predominantly laboratory based class with an emphasis in electronics project design and development. The goal is to have students develop senior projects while in the process gaining insight into product planning, implementation planning, proposal and approvals, prototyping, system integration, packaging, overall testing, and reporting. Formal demonstration, oral presentation on finished product and written report are part of the final design.



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For those projects involving the Arduino, here are some useful resources you can use.

1. Buy Arduino Uno on Amazon. (Prices start at around $23.00. )

3. Download Arduino Software ( Including driver(s) and the Arduino Sketch for writing and uploading code)

4. Getting Started Instructions:

5. If you are using Windows 8;  here are instructions for installing Arduino drivers, courtesy of Albert Nera; download here.




Download DSP Lab 1 here:

Download DSP Lab 2 here:

Download DSP Lab 3 here:

Download DSP Lab 4 here:

Download DSP Lab 5 here:

Download DSP Lab 6 here:

Download DSP Lab 7 here:

Download DSP Lab 8 here:

Download DSP Lab 10 here:

Download DSP Lab 11 here: