ET 260 + 260L teaches analysis and design of solid-state electronic circuits using diodes, bipolar, unijunction and field-effect devices. This  class provides key fundamental concepts that will be applied in upper division courses for both the Electronic Engineering Technology and Computer Engineering Technology majors.

Download ET-260 Quiz 1 here:

Download ET-260L Quiz 1 here:

Download ET-260 Quiz 2 here:

Download ET-260L Quiz 2 here:

The complete syllabus with homework problems, down load here:

Download Lab 1 (Diodes Introduction) here:

Example of Lab 1 here:

Download Lab 2 Part 1 and 2 (Rectifier circuits) here:

Example of Lab 2 Part 1 and 2 here:

Download Lab 2 Part 3 (Bridge Rectifier) here:

Example of Lab 2 Part 3 (Bridge Rectifier) here:

Download Lab 3 (Zener diodes) here:

Download Lab 4 (LEDs) here:

Download Lab 5 (Transistor Introduction) here:

Download Lab 6 (Transistor switch, current source) here:

Download Lab 7 (NPN Transistor Bias, Q-point) here:

Download Lab 8 (PNP Transistor Bias) here:

Download Lab 9 (Common Emitter Amplifier) here:

Download Lab 10 (Class A Amplifier) here:

Download Lab 11 (Class B Amplifier) here:

Download Lab 12  (Class C Amplifier) here:

Download Lab 13 (Multistage Amplifiers) here:

Sample job interview quiz (courtesy of Tu,)  download here:

More sample job interview problems courtesy of Tu down load here:

Homework assignment Ch. 4 here:

Homework assignment Ch. 5 here:

Note: Assignment for Ch. 4 and Ch. 5 courtesy of Mr. Yek.

Experiment 4 (courtesy of Mr. Galinato) here:

Experiment 16 (courtesy of Maryangeline) here:

Experiment 19 (courtesy of Karell) here:

Experiment 23 (courtesy of Mr. Vale) here:

Experiment 24 (courtesy of Mr. Yek) here:

ET-260 Ch. 10 Class A

ET-260 Ch. 8 Amplifiers Part 2

ET-260 Ch. 8 Amplifiers

ET-260 Ch. 7 Transistor Biasing Part 2

ET-260 Ch. 7 Transistor Biasing Part 1

ET-260 Ch. 6 Transistor Fundamentals