ET 260 + 260L teaches analysis and design of solid-state electronic circuits using diodes, bipolar, unijunction and field-effect devices. This  class provides key fundamental concepts that will be applied in upper division courses for both the Electronic Engineering Technology and Computer Engineering Technology majors.

The complete syllabus with homework problems, down load here:

Download Lab 1 (Diodes Introduction) here:

Example of Lab 1 here:

Download Lab 2 Part 1 and 2 (Rectifier circuits) here:

Example of Lab 2 Part 1 and 2 here:

Download Lab 2 Part 3 (Bridge Rectifier) here:

Example of Lab 2 Part 3 (Bridge Rectifier) here:

Download Lab 3 (Zener diodes) here:

Download Lab 4 (LEDs) here:

Download Lab 5 (Transistor Introduction) here:

Download Lab 6 (Transistor switch, current source) here:

Download Lab 7 (NPN Transistor Bias, Q-point) here:

Download Lab 8 (PNP Transistor Bias) here:

Download Lab 9 (Common Emitter Amplifier) here:

Download Lab 10 (Class A Amplifier) here:

Download Lab 11 (Class B Amplifier) here:

Download Lab 12  (Class C Amplifier) here:

Sample job interview quiz (courtesy of Tu,)  download here:

More sample job interview problems courtesy of Tu down load here:

Homework assignment Ch. 4 here:

Homework assignment Ch. 5 here:

Note: Assignment for Ch. 4 and Ch. 5 courtesy of Mr. Yek.

Experiment 4 (courtesy of Mr. Galinato) here:

Experiment 16 (courtesy of Maryangeline) here:

Experiment 19 (courtesy of Karell) here:

Experiment 23 (courtesy of Mr. Vale) here:

Experiment 24 (courtesy of Mr. Yek) here: