The Engineering Technology (ET) Programs at CSULB serve society by graduating well-prepared professionals, who are provided with an excellent education in the fundamentals of Engineering Technology through a combination of theory and laboratory practice, and who are able to apply their knowledge and transform their ideas into working systems. when entering the ET program students can choose from three options: computer, electrical and environmental.

Below is a brief summary of each option taken from this and other  CSULB web pages. For more information please contact the ET adviser.


Computer Option:

The B.S. Computer Engineering Technology prepares graduates to pursue careers related to manufacturing, integration, and support of computer systems.

Related Career Opportunities: Hardware and software Computer Applications Engineers • Test Equipment Engineers • Manufacturing Engineers or Technical Sales Engineers in industry and organizations where a combination of hardware and software background is required


Electronics Option:

The B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology prepares the student for a position as a technologist, in such industries as aerospace, computers, communications, biomedical, chemical, power, etc.

Related Career Opportunities: Electronic Technician • Calibration Engineer • Construction Inspector • Computer Applications Engineer • Time Study Engineer • Facilities Planner • Field Engineer • Manufacturing Engineering • Operations Research Analyst • Sales Representative • Project Engineer • Associate Electronics Engineer • Product Design Engineer • Process Engineer • Instructor




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